How to Recover Not Playable QuickTime MOV File

Quicktime Mov files are nowadays quite popular video format and often found on the internet for downloading. These files are generally created when you shoot a video using a camcorder. You can also convert different video file to the Mov format and vice versa. These files must be your favorite videos so what if one day you are unable to play the files partially or complete. This is because the Quicktime Mov file has been corrupted somehow. So how to recover not playable Quicktime Mov file is the question right now in your mind. You might also be thinking how these files got corrupted , here you will get all the information about why it happened and how you can repair quicktime mov file.

            repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files             repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

Reasons Why the QuickTime Mov File is Not Playable

  • If you are downloading the file or capturing it from the camcorder then any interruption in between will cause the corruption of the file.
  • If you try to force play the file where the Mov file is unsupported then there are chances that the header of the file is damaged due to which the Mov file is unplayable.
  • If there is any error while converting the Mov video to another format then you can face Mov file not playing issue.
  • When the storage media where it is stored is corrupted then the files will also become damage.
  • Virus infection also make the Mov file unplayable.
  • The file can also be damaged due to application or system error.

When the files are corrupted you must first try to find a fresh copy of the file that is a backup file which will play perfectly. If the backup copy is not available with you then you have to repair it by using the recovery tool. Mov recovery software is best in performing this job, it can repair the video file by solving the corruption issue and make it playable again. You have to scan the drive for corrupted mov file and then select the damaged one for repairing. It is so efficient that it will repair the file without any data loss. So download the software and watch your favorite Mov videos again.

User Guide For Mov Recovery Software

Step 1 : Install the software on your computer and start it.

repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

Step 2 : Select the storage media you want to scan.

repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

Step 3 : Select the format of Mov file from the list and start scan.

repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

Step 4 : Select the required files from the preview.

repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

Step 5 : Provide the location where the recovered files will be saved.

repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

                       repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files        repair Nikon D3100 MOV Files

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